Perfect Ten

  Jewels not tools

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Whether you're a nail-biter trying to kick the habit, an everyday woman staying fierce, or a bride-to-be setting the tone for the rest of your life, I am here to give you the effortless, luxurious, unique style you deserve.

My philosophy is simple: deliver nail services that are clean, modern, and perfect.

I use hot-towel services for hands and feet to cut down on water and keep up hygiene. I employ single-use abrasives for each service to prevent cross-contamination. I clean and maintain all tools with hospital-grade disinfectant.

To ensure the quality and durability of your nails, I use only professional-grade gel products. I search every day for new trends in service and design. I work one-on-one to establish your unique style and deliver that beauty to you with unrivaled attention to detail.

I provide the very best experience, design, and care for you and your nails in the Frederick area.

Clean. Modern. Perfect.

At Perfect Ten, those aren't just words, they are the rules we live by.


EST  2016 



The Perfect TEN

Full Set - $95

The Top TEN

Sport Manicure - $27

Gel Polish Manicure - $45

The TEN Below

Sport Pedicure - $52

Gel Polish Pedicure - $67

Tender Care

Hard Gel Fill and Rebalance - $57-$67


Extras (Add-ons)

Luxio Build - $15            Custom Nail Art - $2-$20 per nail           Nail Repair - $5-$15 per nail


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